Our story

Ancient suds is a business born out of necessity. It started as a solution to help my son with his ongoing struggles with eczema. Ever since he was a baby my son has had sensitive skin and would get the red, bumpy eczema flares on his back, arms, and legs. We changed all the detergents we used, and tried multiple eczema soaps and lotions. We even changed his diet to see if food might be causing the flares. His pediatrician even prescribed various creams and salves, but nothing really helped for very long, or at all.  So after a lot of research I decided that the answer might be to look to the past. Humans have been making soap since at least 2800 BC and probably longer. For a few thousand years only a few ingredients were required to make soap. FAT, LYE, AND WATER. So utilizing old recipes I made my own cold pressed soap using the best ingredients available. And the difference was amazing. My sons eczema has become almost none existent, and he doesn't constantly itch anymore. The soap actually made a difference to my entire family, all of us young and old saw a great improvement in our overall skin condition. I shared the soap with friends and family that also had different skin issues and they had similarly successful results. They convinced me I should make the soap available for anyone to buy, and so here we are.

To summarize, the old ways are often better, and simple is good. Especially when it comes to soap.