Better soap & balms made the old way

Soap has exsited in some form or another since at least 2800BC and probably longer. In that time technology has come a long way, including the technology that goes into soap production. Just like food production, soap has made great advances in how fast and cheaply it can be made, but just like highly processed foods we've traded quality for quantity. Modern soap is just like the fast food cheese burger, it smells good, fills the need, looks pretty, but ultimately lacks all the useful benefits our bodies need in exchange for a mass produced shelf stable product.

Ancient Suds soap is hand made using the same recipe and techniques our ancestors used. Utilizing only a few quality natural ingredients to make a soap that not only cleans well, but moisturizes and nourishes skin without causing damage to the natural microbiome of our bodies. All of our soaps are made with 3 main ingredients

-Grass Fed Beef Tallow

-Food grade lye

-Water sourced from a private

well tapped into a local aquifer

All our products are made with food grade ingredients. We believe if the ingredient isn't good enough to put inside your body, you should't use it on the outside of your body. Being enviromentaly responsible is also important to us as well. That's why we do not use any single use plastics in the production or delivery of our products. All labels and packaging is made from sustaniable sources and are either recyclable or compostable. Our labels are made of recycled Lotka paper embedded with wildflower seeds, so even if it gets thrown away there's a chance it will grow into flowers somewhere.

  • Why grass fed beef tallow soap

    Beef tallow is fat taken from specific parts of grass fed cattle, and has been rendered into a pure, clean oil. It is ultra rich in the same kinds of lipids that are found naturally in youthful, healthy looking skin.  Grass fed tallow also contains fat-soluble Vitamins A, D, E & K.

    The fatty acids in pure grass fed tallow are similar in composition to those found in the protective outer layer of human skin and in naturally produced skin oils (sebum).
    This makes grass fed tallow highly skin compatible, allowing it to absorb easily into the skin to improve the protective barrier of the skin, prevent moisture loss and regenerate the appearance of healthy looking skin.

  • Have a special request?

    Do you have a special request for a type of tallow soap? A mix and match of different atributes? Maybe a special scent or unscented? We can do special orders for whole loafs of soap. Contact us at for pricing and availability.