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Grass Fed Tallow Balm 1oz

Grass Fed Tallow Balm 1oz

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If you have been looking for something to help with dry, cracking skin on your hands and feet that doesn't have a bunch of chemicals that might cause more damage than it helps? This is the balm your looking for. Our tallow balm is made from grass fed beef tallow, organic coconut oil, and natural bees wax. That's it, 3 natural ingredients that are all good for your skin. With this tallow balm a little bit goes a long way. Just a small dab on your hands or feet can help improve and protect your skin. There is no added scents, just the mild, lovely scent of honey from the bees wax. Weather it's for busted knuckles, or dry, cracked feet you will love this balm.



Ingredients - Grass Fed Beef Tallow, Organic coconut oil, Natural bees wax.

Weight - 1oz

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